Tarvas bullet selection

Update 20.5.2018

Includes data for quick load

  • All bullets open still with impact speed 500 m/s when shot on tissue with high water content. Shots on game at impact speed below 500 m/s are not recommended.
  • Bullets .264 - .338 are tested @ 900 m/s impact speed. Although field experience has shown good results in meat destruction even with high impact speeds, the amount of meat destruction increases with impact speeds over 900 m/s.
  • Ballistic coefficients (BC) is according to SAAMI G1 model. All results are tested by shooting.
  • Follow the recommended rate of twist. The value is given in form like for example 10" which means how many inches bullet travels in the barrel when turning one revolution. Required twist means that the rate must be at least XX" or less. For example if required  is 11" the bullet works well with twist 11" or 10" but not with 12".

Below standard rate of twist for some common calibers. NOTE: Some manufacturers are making exceptions on these standard values. If you are not sure, twist can be can measured by pressing a tight brass cleaning brush with cleaning rod trough the barrel and measure the length you have to push the rod until it has rotated one revolution.

1" (inch) = 25,4 mm