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How the Tarvas Bullet Works?

1. Bullet which is ballistic engineered hits the game

2. Bullet expands directly from the surface when body liquids are pressed into the specially  formed cavity. The size of the opened nose is now 1-1,1 x caliber

3. If the impact velocity is high the first expanded nose starts to rip off exposing the second cavity which is designed so that the first hydro pressure enlarges it only marginally. The diameter of the nose is still <1,2 x caliber

4.  Now the second cavity is exposed to the high contact pressure of body tissue and the nose is rapidly formed to 0,95 - 1 x caliber size

5. If the impact velocity was originally high the nose continues to deform under heavy contact force to  maximum 1,15 x caliber  (< 1,2 x caliber)

The idea is to expand the bullet keeping it around caliber size during the whole penetration. Result is long, tube like, straight and predictable wound channel which is remarkably strong in high water content vital organs thanks to high velocity of the projectile inside the animal. Less water containing muscle tissue is spared from heavy damage

Tarvas 10,7 g bullet behavior at impact velocity 570-885 m/s.  Bullet shows extremely wide functional velocity range