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TARVAS Hunting cartridge .308 WIN

Trumpeting TARVAS Lead Free Hunting Bullet has been designed to hunters who appreciate excellent stopping power with minimal meat loss

- Excellent Stopping Power
- Minimal Meat Loss
- 100% Lead Free Trumpeting Hunting Bullet
Caliber Weight
.308 WIN 10,7 165 BT
- TARVAS gives minimal meat loss regardless point of impact
- Deep penetration enables high hydrodynamic shock wave in the vitals with extreme killing power.
- Short escape distance. Statistically 70 % is found within 10 m and 98% within 100 m from the first deadly shot
- Same high stopping power and minimal meat loss with wide selection of caliber’s enables the use of same rifle and cartridge for large variety of game
- TARVAS Hybrid Ogive which gives it great external ballistics and accuracy
- TARVAS is monometallic, lead free and nontoxic hunting bullet with high weight retention (98%)