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Trumpeting TARVAS bullet has been in the market now for 9 years. The design and performance of the bullet has proven to be unbeatable. By today there is no match for TAVAS to deliver outstanding stopping power with so minimal meat destruction. Equipped with open cavity it performs equally well in small and big game no matter if you hit soft or hard tissue.

New TARVAS G2 B-wax

Throughout the 10-year history of the bullet we have made a lot of investigation work. Already 2013 we considered to equip TARVAS with plastic point. Since it has to be mechanically pushed into the cavity it causes sensitivity to the type of tissue you hit. If designed to work perfectly in hard tissue and bone hits it opens poorly in soft tissue. Vice a versa case it breaks in the bone hits. This kind of problem can be seen in this test video:

TARVAS G2 B-wax bullet is a hybrid. Instead of blocking the bullet cavity with plastic, we have filled it with beeswax. Since beeswax is much softer than plastic, it performs more like a cavity prefilled with high viscosity fluid. This opens the bullet without delay but smoother than open cavity. It by-passes the mechanical preopening of open cavity, delayed opening of plastic point and starts immediately hydraulic opening. This is the ultimate opening technique for monometallic bullets.

TARVAS G2 B-wax advantages:

  • Protects bullet against damages
  • No delay, opens bullet immediately with hydraulic pressure since it is prefilled with “liquid”
  • Unlike plastic point, it is unsensitive for tissue type. Opens equally in small and big game no difference in bone or soft tissue hit
  • TARVAS G2 powered by B-wax
  • Leaves stronger trumpet at low impact speeds

We have used B-wax and open cavity as reference in our tests. B-wax has proven outstanding opening performance

How does it work in the game?

Well, everybody asks this! No worries! We have tested this for 9 years in the field and the results are as astonishing as with original TARVAS bullet.
A young roe deer was shot with 9,3x62 loaded with 16,2 g TARVAS G2 B-wax. The cartridge was loaded with 4,00 g N540 powder which gives Vo=800 m/s. The shooting distance was around 80 mThe bullet hit slightly high going partly through the spine. In the right exit wound.
Here is the roe deer skinned and you can see the exit wound in the left picture. In the picture in the right the wound channel in the spine and rib gage. A picture tells more than thousand words. No meat damages!
Here the outer filet is taken partly out in the left. Front legs in the right and no blood shot meat in the shoulder blades or in the outer filet! Can you ask for more when shooting such a small game?
And here are the lungs. As with all TARVAS bullets they destroy the vital organs leaving the meat undamaged.