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Tarvas hunting bullet performance definition January 2012

The bullet should fulfill following performance criteria's

Minimized meat damage regardless of the point of impact

Same gun and cartridge can be used for a small roe deer without destroying it beyond use and for dangerous game in plains of Africa provided that the caliber is adequate for the job
Reliable fast one shot killing power which reduces the time of blood circulation and wound bleeding causing blood filled meet

The fast killing criteria requires good terminal ballistics while low meat damage is a result of small cavity in the meet ► to fulfill both the terminal ballistic has to be concentrated on the vital organs, not on the surface

The bullet has to have reliable feeding from all firearms to enable fast follow-up shot
- It is human to take down a wounded game fast if a bad shot is encountered
- Some times a wounded animal may attack the hunter and reliable feeding can save your life.

Bullet penetration has to enable reliable killing power even from difficult angles to ensure good performance also for the follow-up shot

Good external ballistics which enables 300 m shooting distance with normal calibers
Reliable functioning over wide impact velocity range.
-Bullet has to open immediately from the surface regardless of the point of impact
-Bullet has to withstand 900 m/s impact velocity and open still at 500 m/s

Bullet design has to fulfill Scandinavian hunting legislation

Bullet is monometallic and lead free